Fest Five: Mandee, Marketing Intern

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Currently studying Public Relations at San Jose State University, Mandee is helping us in the marketing department in the days leading up to Summer Fest. Aside from being on her computer all the time — she’s a huge social media fan — she enjoys urban exploring and connecting with others IRL (Internet slang for “in real life”).  This is her first Summer Fest and she’s excited to be part of the team!

Mandee’s “fest five,” in her words:

Lavay Smith
“I love the ’50s pin-up sound and look, it’s fun and sexy. The style of singing really makes me nostalgic about the ’50s, even though I wasn’t around back then!”

“I like how they are a group of young latinos who keep their sound very traditional, but infuse some hip-hop and modern aspects which the new generation can relate to.”

Pink Martini
“They stand out to me because the lyrics are not always in English, but it doesn’t matter because you can tell the lead singer is singing about something beautiful.”

Ricardo Lemvo Y Makina Loca
“Sometimes, understanding the lyrics are not the most important thing in understanding a song, with Ricardo I feel his music and it just makes me want to dance!”

Full Crate & Mar
“I love the fusion of different music genres, and these guys fuse completely different worlds of music perfectly.”

Who’s in your “fest five”? Let us know by leaving a comment below or via social media by using hash tag #sjjazzfest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.