Fest Five: 7th Street Big Band

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Our “Fest Five” features give you the opportunity to meet Silicon Valley musicians, artists, movers-and-shakers and SJZ staff, and find out what sets they will be catching at Summer Fest, and why. Our second 2019 edition features the powerhouse drummer and bandleader of the 7th Street Big Band, Gabby Horlick.

In 2013, Gabby Horlick began the revolutionarily contemporary East San Jose music group known as 7th Street Big Band. There, she formed a diverse, passionate group of musicians and friends. They perform originals, hip hop covers, and works by other artists who push the boundaries of music and jazz, as we know it. 7th Street Big Band prides themselves in being “not your grandparent’s big band” and bringing the “hippest beats and rhythms to the table”. The group will be closing out Summer Fest’s Swing Stage Saturday, Aug. 10th @ 9pm.

Aside from her performance with her band, here’s Horlick’s “must see” acts during the rest of the Fest:

1. Amy D.

Sun, Aug 11 @ 5pm, Adobe Silicon Valley Stage

“Amy has been gigging around the Bay Area and beyond for years and never disappoints. With new material to pick from off of her upcoming album ‘Like You,’ we are really excited to see what she has in store for the festival.”


2. Inner Circle Jazz Orchestra

Sun, Aug 11 @ 4pm, Urban Community San Pedro Square Market Stage

“We played on the same stage as Arnie Co at the festival last year when he played with his stacked nonet group, and as soon as we found out he was putting together a full big band, we knew it was an act not to be missed.”


3. Dianne Reeves

Sun, August 11 @ 4pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“Dianne Reeves will go down in history as one of the greats and we’re honored to even be playing the same festival as her.”


4. En Vogue

Fri, Aug 9 @ 9:30pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“So many of us grew up listening to En Vogue and other artists who were heavily influenced by them. Seeing them on the main stage is sure to bring nostalgia and good times.”


5. Sylvia Cuenca Quartet w/ Jon Gordon

Sat, Aug 10 @ 2:30pm, Heritage Bank Cafe Stritch Stage

“Another great band led by a female drummer? We’re in!”