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Mr. Clifford’s Young Jazz All Stars

Aug 13, Sunday - 12pm Noon
SJMA Next Gen Stage

Directed by musician/educator “Mr. Clifford” Samoranos, Summer Fest presents the youngest group of gifted young musicians that embody the enduring American legacy of Jazz. The group will perform their interpretations of timeless musical compositions.


Aarna Agarwal – piano, vocals
Krish Agarwal – guitar
Siddharth Chillarige – piano
Kushagra Jha – piano
Bhavani Kalluri – piano
Samir Kothari – vocals
Samika Murthy – piano
Jacob Pham – piano
Kaushik Salem – piano, vocals
Delphine Sen – piano, vocals
Bruce Campbell – drums
Andrew Lawrence – bass
Clifford C Samoranos – guitar