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Dr. Lonnie Smith: Always on the Fly

August 8, 2013

Dr Lonnie Smith is not a medical doctor, but his music has been found to be good for one’s health. A bona fide star on his signature instrument, the Hammond B-3 organ, Smith’s performances are filled with joie de vivre and energy – Dr. Lonnie loves to play! – and he’s been playing for a remarkable 50 years and counting. From upstate New York, Dr Lonnie was born into a musical family and manifested a …

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Jazz’s Many Faces on Display at Summer Fest

July 10, 2013

Jazz has taken on many signature sounds over the decades. Experience many of them in one weekend at Summer Fest Whether you’re a jazz expert or are new to the art form, there’s plenty to discover musically at Summer Fest. Over the second weekend in August, we will be offering many glimpses into jazz’s celebrated, and disparate, eras, from its early beginnings in New Orleans to its more recent flirtation with, and integration of, electronic …

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