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Fest Five: The Suffers

August 9, 2019

Our “Fest Five” features give you the opportunity to meet Silicon Valley musicians, artists, movers-and-shakers and SJZ staff, and find out what sets they will be catching at Summer Fest, and why.  Our third 2019 edition features the powerhouse award winning vocalist from The Suffers, Kam Franklin. The Suffers have been performing “Gulf Coast Soul” since 2011, mixing blues, soul, country, caribbean, cajun, and hip hop styles to create a contagious energy. Their debut was …

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Fest Five: 7th Street Big Band

July 31, 2019

Our “Fest Five” features give you the opportunity to meet Silicon Valley musicians, artists, movers-and-shakers and SJZ staff, and find out what sets they will be catching at Summer Fest, and why. Our second 2019 edition features the powerhouse drummer and bandleader of the 7th Street Big Band, Gabby Horlick. In 2013, Gabby Horlick began the revolutionarily contemporary East San Jose music group known as 7th Street Big Band. There, she formed a diverse, passionate …

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Salsa Stage is in Good Hands with Betto Arcos

May 15, 2018

Always celebratory and frequently familial, the Salsa Stage is one of San Jose Jazz Summer Fest’s musical and social pillars. For 2018, the stage’s bookings are in the good hands—and keen ears—of Betto Arcos. Qualifications-wise, Arcos is top shelf: A radio journalist, DJ, educator and concert producer, the Los Angeles resident has been heard on NPR and PRI. He has taught art, culture and broadcast journalism at Loyola Marymount University and is currently the producer …

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United By a Name: The Story Behind Etienne Charles’ “San Jose Suite”

July 31, 2015

Between recording schedules, touring, and rehearsals, it’s not often musicians have the freedom to dedicate time to travel for the sake of leisure, much less research. Even so, trumpeter and bandleader Etienne Charles journeyed through Costa Rica, Trinidad, and California to explore a place all three areas have: a city known as San Jose. With the support of Chamber Music America, he created the “San Jose Suite,” a music piece inspired by his experiences in each place and …

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Exclusive Interview with Motéma Music Founder Jana Herzen

July 28, 2014

Well before she founded Motéma Music, the acclaimed jazz and world music label based in Harlem, Jana Herzen was a Palo Alto resident. The daughter of two well-known Stanford University scientists, she delighted in exploring the beautiful terrain that’s now made way for lots and lots of tech. “I hate to have to age myself this way, but I was there before Silicon Valley was Silicon Valley,” recalls the Gunn High graduate. “I remember getting on my …

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Exclusive Interview with Kris Bowers

July 23, 2014

After a Winter Fest 2013 performance in José James’s band that found him making up for lost time on stage (more on that below), Kris Bowers steps forward to showcase material from his recent debut, Heroes + Misfits, at Summer Fest 2014 when he closes our Jazz Beyond Stage Fri Aug 8. Thanks to technology, we asked Bowers a few questions via Skype while he was on tour with James in Finland. He let us …

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Exclusive Interview with Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini

August 6, 2013

Pink Martini is an apt group to describe our time. Though their music can evoke an infectious nostalgia that touches upon 40’s cinema, classical music and the 1950’s Latin music explosion, their musical diversity is indicative of the global perspective that is the norm in our ultra-connected world. Similarly, the group’s many cultural touchstones can providing glimpses into a number of cultures within a single set – perfect to accommodate our shortened attention spans. In …

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Fest Five: Marketing Director Massimo Chisessi

August 3, 2013

Marketing Director Massimo Chisessi’s Fest Five is just as eclectic as his lifestyle; his past roles have moved him through the underground art scene of San Francisco, to travels in Italy–where he was immersed in his family’s Italian heritage–and back down to San Jose, where he currently creates and oversees the look, feel, and experience of the festival.

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T-Shirt Contest Winner Explains “Jazzy Fresh” Design

August 2, 2013

Maybe it was the “Jazzy Fresh” title. Maybe it was the explosion of color and detail across a cotton canvas. Maybe it was the nostalgia the cartoon bassist evoked in our audience. Whatever it was, Rick Cortez’s design was a runaway hit. To get better acquainted with the man behind our winning t-shirt design, which is currently on sale online and will also be available on site our Summer Fest jazz store, Cortez was kind enough …

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Fest Five: “Jazz Doctor” Brad Stone

July 26, 2013

Award-winning, nationally-recognized jazz DJ Brad Stone (KCSM, KSJS) is one of the biggest jazz voices in the region, and we’re pleased to have him back as our resident Summer Fest “Jazz Doctor”! Stone is not only a jazz fanatic but  a  long-time Fest attendee. Fun fact: his many jazz accolades are just part of his hobby — he’s actually a chemistry professor (he really is a doctor!)

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