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Yissy García and Bandancha: At the Vanguard of Cuban Music

July 30, 2018

Anthemic, sustained synth chords that hint at electronic music, glimpses of a sampler and drum machine in the music video, and a verse that begins with rapping in Spanish. That’s jazz, right? As their new single “Universo” shows, drummer Yissy García and her band Bandancha’s eclectic sound may very well point to where contemporary jazz-influenced music may be headed in their native Cuba. Since the release of their album Última Noticia in early 2016, García …

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Summer Fest Latin Jazz and Salsa Playlist

July 29, 2018

We asked our new Latin and world music coordinator Betto Arcos to create a playlist of songs that convey the spirit of the salsa and Latin jazz at the Fest. The last four selections are from bands that—while not playing this year—are on Betto’s radar for future Fests. “I got to see Colombia’s La Mambanegra a couple years ago in Guadalajara and was simply blown away; their salsa brand is singular, complex and high-level. La …

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