Policies and Procedures: Food Vendor

To apply for a Food Vendor space, fill out the 2016 Festival Food Vendor application form and mail it with your check, cashier’s check or money order no later than June 30, 2016. Space is limited and applications and space allotments are made with these considerations: First come, first serve – completed application and full payment received; Preference is given to returning vendors; Menu item considerations. Late applications will be considered only if space is available. All vendors are evaluated each year. Prior participation does not guarantee acceptance for the 2016 Festival. Applications will be processed as needed, and a letter of acceptance or decline will be sent as receipt of application. Checks will be cashed upon acceptance. Do not post-date checks. Any returned checks will be assessed a $35.00 processing fee.

A COMPLETE application is one that includes: Completed 2016 Food Vendor Application; a Santa Clara County Application to Operate a Temporary Food Facility Application with check made out to Santa Clara County Department of Health; Insurance Liability with San Jose Jazz added; pictures of booth if requested; full fees paid. The health department fees vary per vendor. We suggest you check with the department at 408-918-3400.

Cancellation Policy: In order to qualify for a refund, cancellation requests must be received in our office in writing no later than June 15, 2016. Refund checks will be processed 30 days after the closing date of the Festival. There will be no refunds given for cancellations after June 15, 2016.

Items For Sale: Only items that are pre-approved by San Jose Jazz may be sold at the Festival, and Food vendors may not sell beverages. Food vendors found selling non-approved food or beverage items may be asked to leave the Festival and will forfeit any refund.

Clean-up: Vendors are responsible for the condition of their contracted space during and after the event. A $400.00 deposit is required for each Food Vendor. The deposit is for the following: $200.00 for cleaning, $200 for adhering to the policy of using all compostable materials. The $400.00 deposit will be processed 30 days after the completion of the Festival and will be returned if your booth area is left clean and you used all compostable materials.

Trademark: San Jose Jazz reserves the exclusive right to the use of its names, logo and symbol thereof.

Flyers: Unless otherwise pre-authorized, San Jose Jazz does not permit, within the Festival boundaries, any distribution of printed materials, sampling, hawking, panhandling or soliciting.

Sales Tax: All sellers must possess a resale number. Sellers will collect taxes and will be responsible for all their own sales and collections. A resale number can be obtained from the California Board of Equalization. Applications are not complete without submitting a valid resale number with application.

Space Fee* Food Vendor space is 10’x10’ City approved food booth and 10’x10’ cooking area if needed (please specify on your application). Vendors are responsible for all their own cooking equipment. Electricity will be provided for Food Vendors at $100.00 fee for one (1) 20amp circuit and MUST BE requested on the application. NO electricity will be added on-site. Power is available only at the main stage in Plaza de Cesar Chavez.

  • Main Stage, Plaza de Cesar Chavez: Friday, Saturday & Sunday $1,550
  • Salsa Stage: Saturday & Sunday $1,100

*The Fest Committee reserves the right to adjust pricing for all booths.

Health Permits: health permit. Health Permit application and check must be included with application.

Temporary Food Facility RC 1 ($99.00) includes:

  • Prepackaged, non-potentially hazardous foods (non-PHFs).
  • Examples include prepackaged foods/beverages, kettle corn, candies.

Temporary Food Facility RC 2 ($145.00) includes:

  • Food that is for same day service to customers (hamburgers, hot dogs, crepes etc.).
  • Food that is prepared/cooked onsite and served with limited hot or cold holding of potentially
    hazardous food (PHF) after preparation.
  • Food that is prepared in advance of the event (potato salad, pot pies, and tamales) at an approved
    facility permitted and inspected by our Department.
  • All prepared food is to be discarded at end of day (includes hot foods, and any cold foods that have exceeded 41F).

Temporary Food Facility RC3 ($186.00) includes:

  • Extensive menus with the handling and preparation of raw ingredients or complex preparation which includes cooking, cooling and reheating.
  • Food that is prepared in advance for multi-day use, at an approved food facility that you do not own, that is regulated by the local health department. You will be required to submit Standard Operating Procedures with your application indicating how you prepare your food.
  • All prepared food is to be discarded at end of day (includes hot foods, and any cold foods that have exceeded 41F).

Fire Department: All Food booths must meet the requirements of the City of San Jose Fire Department. The spaces and booths that San Jose Jazz provides are pre-approved. All Food Vendors must comply with safety requirements made of San Jose Jazz or San Jose Fire Department on-site. Failure to comply with any safety requirement may result in a Food Vendor being closed during the Festival. Any incidents on-site are the Food Vendor’s responsibility.

Green Festival: Vendors are required to use compostable products during the Festival weekend and Area Managers will monitor the use of proper disposable products. Vendors are responsible for locating supplied containers and properly disposing of oil, charcoal and other waste materials.

Responsibility: San Jose Jazz, Labadie Productions, Filco and their employees and boards of directors will not be held responsible for any depredation or loss of any kind, whether by fire, theft, physical violence, elements of nature or other causes, however originating. Insurance to cover these risks should be carried by the participants at no cost to San Jose Jazz.