Watch: Mark de Clive-Lowe Interview, Pt. II

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Before his performance at Pagoda as part of our Jazz Beyond monthly series, we had a chance to speak with the inimitable Mark de Clive-Lowe, who returns to San Jose to close our RBC Jazz Beyond Stage Fri Aug 9. As he notes in part one of our interview, his work encompasses a little bit of everything — he’s self-described as a “piano player, musician, DJ, remixer and creative collaborator.”

Clive-Lowe fully embodies our Jazz Beyond initiative, which looks to present the jazz idiom in innovative ways. The “MdCL'” aesthetic is a true merger of jazz philosophy and electronic sensibility, a world where drum machines, loop stations and synths co-exist with live Rhodes and piano improvisation.

In part two of our interview, he speaks on first meeting with legendary bassist Pino Palladino, a pioneer of the neo-soul movement. He then opens up about how his same show is appreciated by jazz and electronic crowds alike, albeit it for very different reasons. Though his sound remains the same, his ability to play for much different crowds speaks to his transcendence as an artist.

If you missed part one of our interview, you can view it below. In our initial segment, Clive-Lowe elaborates on his style, explains how his “live remix” concept first came about, and mentions a few artists who currently inspire him musically.

Mark de Clive-Lowe presents his international club night “CHURCH” 11pm Fri Aug 9 on the RBC Jazz Beyond Stage.

San Jose Jazz’s Jazz Beyond monthly series is hosted every second Saturday of the month inside the Pagoda, located in the Fairmont San Jose. These shows are co-presented by Universal Grammar.