Summer Fest Latin Jazz and Salsa Playlist

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We asked our new Latin and world music coordinator Betto Arcos to create a playlist of songs that convey the spirit of the salsa and Latin jazz at the Fest. The last four selections are from bands that—while not playing this year—are on Betto’s radar for future Fests.

“I got to see Colombia’s La Mambanegra a couple years ago in Guadalajara and was simply blown away; their salsa brand is singular, complex and high-level. La 33 is Bogotá’s top salsa band—theirs is a blistering, roaring brassy sound. Last week, I attended Bogotá’s Colombia al Parque festival and got a chance to see La Sonora Mazurén in action. Theirs is a mix of dance music and retro-cool sounds from the 50s and 60s – I hope to bring this cool band to San Jose someday. Grupo Changüí is Cuba’s foremost roots band from the capital of changúí music, Guantánamo. 2018 Fest band Changúi Majadero will be playing some of the tunes they learned from them.”

Photo credit: La Mambanegra, photographed by Michal Augustini