Fest Five: The Suffers

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Our “Fest Five” features give you the opportunity to meet Silicon Valley musicians, artists, movers-and-shakers and SJZ staff, and find out what sets they will be catching at Summer Fest, and why. 

Our third 2019 edition features the powerhouse award winning vocalist from The Suffers, Kam Franklin.

The Suffers have been performing “Gulf Coast Soul” since 2011, mixing blues, soul, country, caribbean, cajun, and hip hop styles to create a contagious energy. Their debut was named a Billboard “Top 10 Anticipated Rock & Alternative Albums” in 2015, and they haven’t slowed down since.

The iconic mezzo-soprano voice of The Suffers’, Franklin says in response to SJZ reaching out regarding this Fest Five interview, “First off, how dare y’all ask me to choose five acts on a lineup this stacked? The list of talent on the bill this year is immeasurable, but I did my best to limit my picks to five. Even though I could have easily listed 55.”

See The Suffers performance this Summer Fest on Aug 10 @ 4pm on the Sobrato Organization Main Stage, but be sure to explore some of the acts Franklin will be seeing off-stage:

1. Gregory Porter

Sat, Aug 10 @ 6pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this man perform, but I can say that I learn something every time I do. We’re opening for him that particular night, so I need to write this quickly so I can get back to rehearsing.”


2. En Vogue

Fri, Aug 9 @ 9:30pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“These ladies were my vocal idols growing up, and they’re still killing the game. Their show is an r&b masterclass.”


3. Latin Jazz youth ensemble of San Francisco

Sat, Aug 10 @ 12:20pm, Salsa Stage

“The children are the future, and kids that play jazz are my kind of superheroes. From the little bit I’ve heard, they’re wise beyond their years, and anyone in the room for their set will be treated to what is sure to be a gift.”


4. The Family Stone

Fri, Aug 9 @ 7:30pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“Their legacy speaks for itself, but I love them so much for playing such a large part in the foundation of not only American music, but also my own development as an artist.”


5. Orquesta LA-33

Sat, Aug 10 @ 2pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“LA-33 are a Colombian royalty. I know we’re supposed to be coming to San Jose to work and play music, but honestly, if I have an opportunity to catch their set I will be on the dance floor until they kick me out.”