Fest Five: Daniel Garcia

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Our “Fest Five” features give you the opportunity to meet Silicon Valley musicians, artists, movers-and-shakers and SJZ staff, and find out what sets they will be catching at Summer Fest, and why. Our first 2019 edition gets into the mind of one of Silicon Valley’s best-known creatives, Daniel Garcia.

Daniel Garcia is a San Jose photographer sought after for his poetic fashion and portrait work, but he’s best known for the creation of Content Magazine, which set out to champion the unsung heroes of the local arts scene. 54 issues and 10 years later, Content has become a voice for the artists and creatives of San Jose. Written by the people, for the people, it is a source of inspiration for all artists and entrepreneurs.

Said Garcia: “I have to preface these picks by acknowledging that I have not listed San Jose local acts. Not because I will not see them at this year’s Summer Fest, nor I do think that they are not worthy of being on a pick list; it is that I have an excellent opportunity to see them, or have seen them several times already–even featuring them in my magazine because I am such a fan. Thus, this list is how I will ‘pepper’ my usual diet of local acts with some new experiences.”

Here’s where you’ll catch him this August:

1. Urban Renewal Project:

Friday, August 9 @ 6pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“I like eclectic styles, music that merges genres and types. URP blends an arrangement of styles and explores those musical types in some new interpretation.”


2. The Family Stone:

Friday, August 9 @ 7:30pm, Sobrato Organization Main Stage

“I grew up listening to these songs, and the nostalgic feelings I get hearing them fans the flame of my Eastside revolutionary mindset. And, I need the funk.”


3. Veronica Swift Featuring the Emmet Cohen Trio:

Sunday, August 11 @ 5pm, Hammer Theatre Stage

“My love for funk does not mean I dislike a fresh voice singing the jazz standards. This show will be a time for me to sit with my wife and share the beauty of romance that songs can bring.”



4. Quinn DeVeaux:

Sunday, August 11 @ 12:30pm, Blues/Big Easy Stage

“I love the blues. And, since I secretly wish I was a guitar and harmonica player, I am looking forward to Quinn’s fun and joyful style that makes good people feeling bad, feel so good.”


5. Zydeco Flames:

Friday, August 9 @ 8:15pm, Blues/Big Easy Stage

“No need to explain, it’s Zydeco!”