Fest Five: Social Media Intern Cate Ayson

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If you follow SJZ on social media, chances are you’ve seen the words of our Summer Fest intern, Cate Ayson. A soon-to-be graduate of Southern Oregon University, Cate has helped spread the Summer Fest excitement through her incisive messaging and savvy social media know-how.

Previously, Cate helped walk you through the vocalists, emerging artists, and Blues and Big Easy acts arriving in San Jose this weekend. Yet after reading up on the dozens of acts we’re presenting, who is she most excited to see at her first Summer Fest? Check out her picks below.

Daymé Arocena
Sun, Aug. 13 @ 5 PM, Silicon Valley Community Foundation Hammer Theatre Stage.

A good artist to me is someone who is excellent at what they do but are also a well-rounded, down-to-earth person. Daymé Arocena fits all those criteria; her voice is powerful and singing comes as easily as breathing for her.

Dayme’s work on her album Cubafonia, strives to show the world more of her native Cuba, something other than that of stereotypes and what is already known is praiseworthy. What really sold me on her was when I had the chance to sit on a phone interview with her. Daymé presented herself as eloquent even though English is not her native tongue and refreshingly honest which made me like her so much more.

Sasha Masakowski
Sat, Aug. 12 @ 7:30 PM, Jade Leaf Stage.

Sasha Masakowski hails from a family of musicians and you can tell from her performances, her influences are vast. Masakowski’s influences draw from jazz to electronic music and rock, and her approach to music is as spontaneous and playful as her personality.  Her voice fits perfectly with the typical sounds of New Orleans, her birth place. Moreover, her voice is sweet and almost Disney princess-like at times.

The Seshen
Fri Aug. 11 @ 10:30, Heritage Bank Cafe Stritch Stage

A local band, The Seshens forward-thinking sound combines synthesizers, drum machines, live percussion, and entrancing harmonies to create an unmistakable fusion of R&B, synth-pop, and electronic music. The lead singer’s vocals are unlike anyone mainstream I’ve heard of. Lalin St. Juste is different and demands attention, especially with her riveting lyrics. They’re definietly set to become one of the next biggest bands to come out of the Bay.

Sat Aug 12 @ 10 PM, Heritage Bank Cafe Stritch Stage

FatsO is a sextet from Colombia. They’ve been called “intelligent and passionate, sophisticated and street-wise,” by Rolling Stone. FatsO’s sound is so traditional blues it just proves that music has no real identity besides a common sound. Definitely cannot miss these cool cats.

Fri, Aug. 11 @ 7:30 PM, Sobrato Organization Main Stage.

Dirty, grimey, organic California soul with heart is exactly what Orgone delivers.  Their vibes are completely infectious with influences from old school, funk and disco. Their groove is do deep and the lead singer’s diva vocals are so incredibly genuine they could be samples from decades ago. I can’t imagine anyone listening to them live and not wanting to dance along. Orgone is loud and proud and I am loving it!

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